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OTW Fuels is that the legal private company in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. India to possess permissions in situ to deliver fuel at your doorstep.

We serve corporates, manufacturing, construction, mining and fleet among other industries which require fuel to run their operations. Our aim is to revolutionize the way fuel is purchased, stored and delivered. Not only does OTW Fuels take pride oneself in its technology to make sure that our customers get the proper quantity and quality on every order,

OTW Fuels also brings safety, transparency and convenience in its doorstep delivery.

We deliver diesel to all those who find difficult to procure diesel from a retail outlet.

With supplies as low as 20 litres, we supply diesel directly to schools, hospitals, apartments, and fleets & cars running Diesel generators.We believe extraordinary service leads to extraordinary results. While we take care of your fuel needs, you can concentrate on your business.

Join with us to reduce downtime on machinery and reduce on-site storage, handling, and monitoring costs.

Why Us?


OTW FUELS is a company that provides doorstep delivery of fuel in a safe, reliable, and efficient way. You can place an order and get fuel delivered at your location in specialized Refuellers (OTW Tankers) according to your chosen schedule.
Yes. Contact us on +91 8822997711 and we’ll be glad to help you on-board as a scheduled delivery customer.

Doorstep delivery of fuel like diesel/ petrol is safe. When you go to a petrol pump for filling your car, you expose yourself to a place where tens of thousands of liters of Petrol and Diesel are stored in decades-old underground tanks. You see tens of vehicles getting filled simultaneously causing the constant presence of inflammable vapor in large quantities. You may also notice several vehicles keeping their engines running while waiting to fill fuel, creating a potential hazard of fire. Now imagine a vehicle carrying a few hundreds of liters of fuels in airtight containers coming to deliver at your doorsteps. First, such a small amount of fuel dispensed to your equipment reduces the vapor generation or accumulation to nil. Second, there are no potential fire sources to cause ignition. These factors together nullify the possibility of any fire during doorstep delivery.



We accept payment by NEFT, Online – Net Banking Payment, Online – Card/UPI Payment, and Cheque at the time of delivery. If you prefer paying Online using Cards, we recommend you to check with your bank if they levy surcharges on your card.

Our Team

Mr. Abhaykumar Birnale


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Mr. Kishor Pawar


Mr. Manohar Agare


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