Save Fuel

Deliver fuel in an accurate quantity by choosing safe routes of transportation.

Automated Billing

Reduce human mistakes using automated printed invoices for accurate billing.

Save Money & Manpower

Save money on diesel storage and handling on a huge scale also increase manpower efficiency.

On The Way..On The Wheels..!

About Us

OTW Fuels is that the legal private company in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. India to possess permissions in situ to deliver fuel at your doorstep.

We serve corporates, manufacturing, construction, mining and fleet among other industries which require fuel to run their operations. Our aim is to revolutionize the way fuel is purchased, stored and delivered. Not only does OTW Fuels take pride oneself in its technology to make sure that our customers get the proper quantity and quality on every order,

OTW Fuels also brings safety, transparency and convenience in its doorstep delivery.

We deliver diesel to all those who find difficult to procure diesel from a retail outlet.

For You, We Aim The Best

Our new concept will not only save your quality time but will also be at your service whenever you need it. Our tankers operate on hassle-free fueling systems

Easy Ordering

You can order fuel by calling us and letting us know the location where you need it. You will place an order with us.

Get Fuel at Your Location

Choose the location where the fuel should be delivered. We will arrive at the desired time.

Get Notification

With On-Time Assured Delivery, you'll be notified about the details of your order and the estimated delivery time.

On Time Delivery

Within the specified time period, we will be there with our tanker at the time of refueling.

Tracking System

During transit, the user can track the fuel refilling tanker's location status of its current location upon ordering.

24/7 Hours Delivery

We provide safer transportation and refilling even in odd hours of time for urgent fuel requirement.

On-Demand Doorstep Diesel Delivery

Right Quality & Quantity is Guaranteed!

Sector We Serve

Factories & Industries

Earth Moving Equipments


Construction Sites




automobile Industries

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